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Raven King

by Raven King

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dominicwilliams86 thumbnail
dominicwilliams86 Raven King's eponymous effort kicks off with a Nirvana influenced 'Carnival'. If you keep listening, you'll find that's just one of the many grunge influences that has been expertly woven into this album. The vocal quality is a little muddy in some songs, but perhaps that's what was intended. Drifting has the best production on the album and is easily a favorite. Favorite track: Drifting.
J.Smo thumbnail
J.Smo Chunky riffage, soaring leads, and gritty grooves combine in ways that are familiar yet refreshing. The band’s ability to focus powerful emotions into well crafted sonic arrangements is a declaration of their commitment to creating art and music that is, not only accessible to listeners, but also a true reflection of the band and its members. Unlike our current singles-driven world, Raven King have made an album and it commands the attention and respect worthy of such a passionate project. Favorite track: It's Not Life.
Malika Dahl
Malika Dahl thumbnail
Malika Dahl Already the cover of the album Raven King had me interested. The Artwork is simply wonderful. The songs show a variety of styles - from softer guitar riffs to grungy sounds. Sometimes, ,the vocals seem a bit insecure, giving the songs an almost shy appearance. Other times they are off key, but it seems like they are purposefully placed that way. Never the less a great album that features music perfect for a road trip or dreamy days. Favorite track: Lost Token.
Yvonne Glasgow
Yvonne Glasgow thumbnail
Yvonne Glasgow This is an interesting album of grungy art music. While the first song almost turned me off to the album, I really dug the rest of it. The vocals seem to waver from time to time, but maybe that's the idea. Aside from that, there are some great grunge riffs within each song. I especially enjoyed "Drifting", but that wasn't the only song I liked. The interesting beat to "Marble" had me glued. Favorite track: Drifting.
Joe-Lou (fan page)
Joe-Lou (fan page) thumbnail
Joe-Lou (fan page) Brave range of style. Favorite track: Marble.
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Carnival 02:31
The party's just begun And look at what I've won Two tickets to the fair If only I would share I win the biggest prize And go on all the rides Some twist and spin around And some go upside down Too short to cop a feel Or ride the Ferris wheel So go stand against the wall Us other kids are tall I think you've missed some fun The carny's almost done I laugh and see you cry It's only in July Tea Cup Ride Close My Eyes Tea Cup Ride
Drool 04:50
They're watching you through Black-eyed and bruised clouds Gold-haloed crowned hounds It's raining from their mouths The world's so small doll And filled with walls No where to run When you can smell hell You know our day is done Angels watching You make them drool They will eat you Make the sun shine They fish with fine line They fish with silver thread From floating sheep asleep Drifting overhead Feel the mist kiss Soft insist Upon your cheek And hear their haunting howl You'll never feel so bleak Angels watching You make them drool They will eat you Make the sun shine Make the sun shine Make the sun I think this storm will pass The rain it never lasts Thunder like canyon-tones They're only hunger groans Angels watching You make them drool They will eat you Make the sun shine Make the sun shine (3x) Make the sun
Drifting 05:03
Toxic fires melting My forest of knives Cold hail is pelting and Smoke fills the skies Hungry dogs are stalking These lost chattering bones Under covers walking My heartbeat skipping stones (chorus) Keep your eyes closed They're not helping In darkness you'll find A true blessing Plague birds crowding, laughing Smells like burning hair This damp fear's not passing Wear my nightmare (chorus) Keep your eyes closed Keep your eyes closed In darkness you'll find A true blessing
Diminished 02:54
You're saying something Lots of angst in your tone Okay you've convinced me Strong enough on your own I can't help but smile At the thought of you still Your time on this planet Is a test of god's will Come down Come down Get over it You should get over it Try something else You should You've got it figured out You've made that all too clear I'll give you some advice If you'll shut up to hear Come down Come down Get over it You should get over it Try something else You should try something else Get over it You should get over it Try something else You should
Marble 04:58
Marble heroes stand along the margin world Atop pillowed sand they wait but no wave stirred I'll wait (I'll wait) I'll wait Dusts of broken friends are carried on the breeze Sculpting those left waiting for a wave to seize (pre chorus) I'll wait (I'll wait) I'll wait (chorus) I know she's not all mine But I can't let myself reside to sit Melted mirror lies before us Reflecting our tragic busts (pre chorus) (chorus)
Within Reach 04:11
Ocean blue Purest hue Seize the day The horizon sun Is frozen An arm's length away And beckons me to sail I know I cannot fail I will squeeze the day You love when I give my best Though it won't be enough Then I crawl back to my nest Soon as the road gets rough 'Cause it won't be enough Second sun Brings new light To this day Though I toiled all night To your delight You rose the other way But I won't wait to fail Now the moon will guide my sail Sunshine holds no sway
Skins 05:42
Blue melting eyes and Velvet thighs silky wet Caving in Threading through Sews us up new And fits just right Just for tonight (chorus) Skin deep beauty Peels off so easy Skin deep beauty Beneath's nothing Slips Skins as one unzips All's undone Sweat drips It was fun More was less When we undressed But all that's left Is emptiness (Chorus) So Beautiful (2x) Don't cry It was not a lie Even as We say goodbye
Full 03:01
Too much for me Too much for me I'll see you at the end of this Too much for me Good bye with style Good bye with style I'll bet you wish you'd come with me Good bye with style
Lost Token 02:15
Take a pen and pad And listen closely People tend to say it helps To know where you're going You're going Nowhere fast Forget the breaks And hit the gas Somewhere ain't For you my dear (yeah) You're a mess Smoke a blunt You're going Nowhere fast Forget the breaks And hit the gas
Always know It's not life Bright lights Flood my eyes and crystalize White noise My poison's mating call When the (Chorus) Ghoulish glow It takes control It makes life dull It steals my soul Pale Blue Illumined fields Pollute the real Glory born from stories Never feels like It's a lie When the (Chorus) Soul (3x)
Armilla 06:48
No one's here This strange city It all seems a lie Plumbing grows Not held by walls Or floors Just sky (Pre Chorus) Forest of Copper love Porcelain fruit Dangles from above Showers spray Tubs fill too And the girls Hide from view (Chorus) From hanging baths Echoing laughs Where nymphets sigh Wondering why No one knows When their appeared The nymphs just spring From faucets To enjoy the waters And sing (pre chorus) (chorus)


released March 17, 2017

Produced & Recorded by Gerrit Curti & Raven King

Mixed by Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studio

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Album Artwork by Amanda Armbrust-Asselin


all rights reserved



Raven King Providence, Rhode Island

Raven King is
Gerrit Curti and Will Boisseau.

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